Thursday, June 7, 2012


The rain was so brightly lit by the sun that it looked like silver: these were the perfect conditions for a rainbow. And indeed, I found a spectacular one at the other side of the building, enveloping the city from its west end, covered by clouds, til the bright city center. There was a second one, and even a third one, inside the first.

It is sheer coincidence that my final film 'City Colors' ends with a rainbow, which is a symbol of hope, the meaning of which dates back to the days of the Great Flood. When I downloaded my pictures from my camera, I noticed that the date of my camera is incorrect. All rainbow pictures are dated Tomorrow...

More to see...

During Max the Mutt Industry Night, I had the pleasure of spending all night next to the theatre where the final films of this year's graduates are screened. I will never forget how every few minutes another melody with accompanying sound effects filled the room, and every time exactly one pair of eyebrows jumped up: "Yep, that's me!"

The school can be happy with this year's round of final films. Starring in alphabetical order: Jennifer Foreshew ('Victor Tours Paris'), Sara Guira ('The Magician'), Aaron Long ('Trainfilm'), Benjamin Luk ('The Jump'), David Mark ('Nutjutsu'), Justin Mark ('Boss of the Woods'), Connor Ross ('Tyrannical Fury'), Jen Schollen ('The Inventor'), Ashley Vanchu ('Sock Hop'), Erikos Petrou ('Melodia'), Alina Shamova ('Inspiration'). I will never forget these names, and I hope you will remember them after watching their films at the Max the Mutt YouTube Channel.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Operational issues...

In early March, I sent the board of the Dovercourt Baptist Foundation a letter about the way the student residence here at New Horizons Tower has been torn down, while all complaints were answered with blunt intimidation; I asked them for a justification from a Christian perspective. The letter was intercepted by NHT management, who refused to pass it along.

Yesterday, however, I received a response which seems to have been signed by Michael Harris, president of the Dovercourt Baptist Foundation. Without even apologizing for the fact that the response is three months late, the letter states that "we consider this to be an operational issue and not a matter for the board, and as such you should direct your concerns to the management of New Horizons Tower" The response came to me as an email from NHT management.

It was interesting to discover that the response was directed at "Izak van Langevelde", that is me, while I only used a formal "drs. I.A. van Langevelde" in my letter. I sincerely doubt whether Michael Harris ever read the original letter. More to follow, I will keep you updated.