Thursday, June 7, 2012

More to see...

During Max the Mutt Industry Night, I had the pleasure of spending all night next to the theatre where the final films of this year's graduates are screened. I will never forget how every few minutes another melody with accompanying sound effects filled the room, and every time exactly one pair of eyebrows jumped up: "Yep, that's me!"

The school can be happy with this year's round of final films. Starring in alphabetical order: Jennifer Foreshew ('Victor Tours Paris'), Sara Guira ('The Magician'), Aaron Long ('Trainfilm'), Benjamin Luk ('The Jump'), David Mark ('Nutjutsu'), Justin Mark ('Boss of the Woods'), Connor Ross ('Tyrannical Fury'), Jen Schollen ('The Inventor'), Ashley Vanchu ('Sock Hop'), Erikos Petrou ('Melodia'), Alina Shamova ('Inspiration'). I will never forget these names, and I hope you will remember them after watching their films at the Max the Mutt YouTube Channel.

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