Saturday, February 18, 2017

Of rabbits and ninjas...

It must have been 10 years ago when our Bujinkan Miko Dojo moved its summer training to a nearby park. To communicate this change of location to my fellow ninjas, I taped a note to the front window of the school which had been kind enough to let us use their gym. However, after one week I found the note had been removed.

I restored the note, only to find it removed the week after. It looks like the school was not too keen on blowing its insurgent ninja activity cover. This required firm measures. Ninja measures.

I designed a little sign with an cheeky homage to Dick Bruna's ever-popular Miffy character, or nijntje as she is called in Dutch: "Miffy trains outside". For the rest of summer, the school tolerated my note on its front window.

Dick Bruna has always been known for guarding his little rabbit girl against abuse: he objected to cruel jokes about 'nijn eleven' and 'nijn kampf'. This week he passed away, at the age of 89. I still wonder what his response to my ninja nijntje would have been...

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